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      Joel Dejean was born in Port au Prince, Haiti, in September of 1958. His family emigrated to the United States in 1965, settling in The Bronx, New York, where Joel grew up. Joel attended St Martin of Tours Catholic Elementary School until eighth grade. His aptitude in mathematics and physics gained him entrance into Bronx High School of Science, and later, into State University of New York at Stony Brook. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1980.

      In Joel’s senior year, even before graduation with a degree, he was interviewed on campus by Texas Instruments (TI), followed by several on-site interviews in Dallas, and hired immediately after graduation. In 1980, he relocated to Dallas to pursue his career as a design engineer for Texas Instruments Defense Electronics Group, specializing in infrared detection and targeting systems. During his eight years at TI, Joel worked on projects for the U.S. Air Force, the Australian Air Force, and the Republic of Korea Air Force. He oversaw flight tests with the Indian Air Force. From his world travels during this period, Joel began to consider  the larger concerns of mankind and his – as well as our nation's– role in the world. 

      Joel’s political activity began in 1985 when he met organizers for economist Lyndon LaRouche’s Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF) at the airport in Los Angeles, while visiting defense contractors in the LA area. He joined LaRouche’s Fusion Energy Foundation, the foremost advocacy group for nuclear energy, thermonuclear fusion, peaceful cooperation in strategic defense, and bringing the benefits of scientific progress to all nations. (In April of 1987 the Malthusian financial establishment forcibly shut down the Fusion Energy Foundation, as part of a broader prosecution aimed at destroying LaRouche and his movement.) Soon after meeting Lyndon LaRouche in September, 1987, Joel began working to elect him as President of the United States.

      After the presidential primaries, Joel left his position at Texas Instruments and moved to Houston, where he continued outreach and educational work with the LaRouche organization there. He ran for the Houston Independent School Board in the fall of 1993, and then for the U.S. Congress in the 25th Congressional District in March of 1994, speaking up for LaRouche's solutions to the unfolding economic breakdown and using these campaigns as a means to educate the electorate.

      In January of 1995, Joel traveled to Europe to assist Jacques Cheminade, a LaRouche co-thinker, in his candidacy for President of France. He helped to organize and gather the 500 signatures from Mayors, successfully placing Jacques Chemenade on the ballot.

      Toward the end of the Cheminade campaign, in April 1995, Joel lost sight in his right eye due to a massive retinal tear. After returning to Houston, he underwent surgery to secure the left eye. The surgery was unsuccessful. Joel's left retina was damaged, causing him to lose sight in that eye as well.

      Using text-to-speech programs and speech synthesizers on desktop computers, laptops, and now iPhones and iPads, Joel can read anything on the internet, and with the National Federation of the Blind and Braille and Audio Reader Download from the Library of Congress, he has access to over 500 newspapers and magazines, and any audio books in the Library of Congress catalogs .

      Early in 2021, Joel commenced a series of public speaking engagements, to challenge the take-down of carbon-based industries under the bogus climate change scare.  In testimony before Mayor Sylvester Turner and the Houston City Council on February 9, Joel warned of impending electrical blackouts:  "I'm advising the City of Houston to reject the suicide pact of the Green New Deal!", he thundered.    Please recall that, within days of Joel's testimony, the lights did go out in Texas.  People shivered in the dark, and hundreds of Texans died as the Arctic chill blasted through our state.  Joel continued his public education effort, testifying before the County Commissioners Court and the Port of Houston Commissioners.  He took his fight to Austin, joining a delegation of LaRouche activists to meet with legislators and staff, armed with the LaRouche Organization's blockbuster pamphlet, 'LaRouche Crushes the Green New Deal Fraud'.  Today, with the Houston region in the cross hairs of the globalists' 'Green Deal' assault, Joel has taken on the dangerous Big Lie regarding so-called 'climate change'.

      Joel continues to write and give classes on the latest developments in fusion and space technologies. His Independent campaign of 2022 for U.S. Congress in Texas’ new 38th Congressional District will present plenty of opportunities for him to teach others about the crises we’re all facing and their solutions. 

      Joel has stepped forward as the only candidate with a positive vision for the future! Join his campaign!

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