Webcast on Wednesday, September 21st, 7:30 PM:

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Thermonuclear Ignition Test Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Link to the webcast: https://youtu.be/xOkDNbgF1ys


September 17, 2022—Controlled thermonuclear fusion:  the capacity for humankind to command limitless energy, and thereby improve and extend life; to power new industries, to desalinate water, to light up the world!   This has been the quest of forward thinking scientists ever since the detonation of the first hydrogen bomb in 1952 -- 70 years ago!   Electrical engineer and independent candidate Joel Dejean asks, "Our Sun, every star, every galaxy is a thermonuclear fusion reactor.  Why has the peaceful mastery of controlled fusion been stymied on planet Earth?"


In this webcast, we will pose, and begin to answer this question.  It's not an "impossible dream"!   Leaving aside the anti-scientific paranoia about carbon-based energy, the arguments for a crash program to master commercial thermonuclear fusion for the advancement of civilization are compelling and urgent. 


Joining Joel in this dialogue will be special guest Paul Gallagher.  During the 1980s, Paul was executive director of the Fusion Energy Foundation, then the preeminent advocacy and educational institution for advancing peaceful thermonuclear fusion research in the USA and Europe.


Paul Gallagher

Today, Paul is economics editor of Executive Intelligence Review news service.  Paul and Joel are both superbly qualified to discuss the prospects for near-term mastery of controlled peaceful fusion power.  After their presentations, they will be happy to take your questions via chat and email.

The webcast will be livestreamed on Facebook, and simulcast on Joel Dejean's YouTube channel, and through his website, JoelDejeanforCongress.com.  Please invite others to join our discussion next Wednesday!

(In advance of our webcast, we invite you to read one of Joel's many articles on fusion energy.  This appeared in February of 2020, in EIR newsweekly.)