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The Promise of Fusion Rocketry

Joel Dejean

The Promise of Fusion Rocketry

This is a transcription of the oral report given by Joel DeJean to a LaRouche PAC class in Houston on June 24. He was introduced by Kesha Rogers of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, who noted that the subject is not simply the technology of fusion power, but the development of fusion power as a way to ignite the advance of mankind. Extraordinary developments are taking place, she said, and DeJean’s report has implications beyond science as such.

Right now we need to make a total scientific breakthrough for mankind. There are new developments in research that will take the American-Chinese cooperation for the New Silk Road to the next leap. That is what fusion power and cooperation in space will do, because we’re not just talking about the Chinese coming here to help us build our railways systems and rebuild some dams and ports, and then going home.

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